Monday, 26 September 2016

We Are Closed Due to Illness

The trouble with a long-term illness is that when it starts, it isn't long-term.
Since the middle of May I have been soldiering on with constant severe abdominal pain and overwhelming fatigue. Until today I have caused myself considerable amounts of stress by believing that tomorrow/next Monday I would be back to normal and able to deal effectively with all the work I need to do.
But I haven't recovered.  I have got worse. Though still undiagnosed, I am spending large amounts of time at the hospital having scans and tests and should soon be a position to know when (or if) I will get better.
In the meantime, I have to close the business at least for a while.
I know that I still have outstanding business with some of you. I am trying to contact you all so that I can return your computers or issue your invoices. Thank you for your patience, kindness and compassion. I am still here for the time being, and usually spend at least a couple of hours out of bed every day. If you urgently need your computer,  text to 07782108816 and I will arrange to return it by some means.
I'm hoping that someone from Caversham Gossip Girls will read this and pass this on to the group.  I have many loyal and lovely customers amongst the CGG and I want to make sure that they all know what is going on. But I am not a member.
Cross your fingers for me, and I will do the same for you.

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