Friday, 24 July 2015

Goodbye Old Website

Goodbye Old Website.
I made it myself in the white heat of the Summer of 2006.
Quaint and quirky, it was never quite finished you know. Try clicking on the links marked "Advice" and "Networks". Ha ha - too late! The Old Website is gone.

For the past 9 years it has been quietly aging and becoming increasingly embarassing to the point where I have to ask people to desist from looking at it.

Inaccuracies have crept in. I am no longer the sweet-faced muddly lady you see in the photo. She has been replaced by a razor-sharp professional who still loves computers and still loves people. She has recently her hair cut like Pink in an attempt to appear more feisty.

And, oh look!, there's little Andy.... Little Andy has grown into Big Andy, a confident charming man who knows eveything there is to know about computers, and doesn't show off about it.

Since my humble beginnings in 2006 I have been honoured to know the talented Craig Goult, the web designer to the discerning.  You can find him at Amusingly, he so busy making innovative websites that he hasn't had time to finish his own. Shoemaker's children always the worst shod, as my dear old mother would say.

After years of stubborn stinginess, I have decided to give Craig all my money to create a fantastic new website for me. He felt that my deadline of three days was a little on the short side, especially since I want a design that is difficult to implement.

We are both currently in a creative fervour so you won't have to wait long. In the meantime, we are building up suspense by offering you a holding page.

Lots of love
Your very own
Helen The Computer Lady

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