Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Case of the Puzzling Case

 We build bespoke computers here.Usually we carefully choose and assemble high-quality components to create an exquisite dream computer especially for you, esteemed customer. Incidentally, we usually go on to transfer all your stuff from the previous computer, and then you would get a visit from the quirky Helen herself to make it work with your printers and internet. During this visit I will check your face is wreathed in smiles,which so far, it always has been.

Heavens above, I seem to be doing a sales pitch! Whatever next? I'll be turning a profit!

Anyway one dark day in Winter, I was looking to buy some new cases for some builds we had coming up. I was intrigued by the existence of cases that cost £11. Suddenly overcome by stinginess/thriftiness I bought one to see what it was like.

This picture shows what it was like, but you can't see just how thin it was. Think 2 layers of Bacofoil. It would be ideal in a house where nobody ever touched anything.

Of course I wouldn't insult any of our patrons with a case of that sort so I left it in it's box for ages. The box had massive letters saying Concept of Life! on it, a phrase so buoyant and positive that I have started saying it during periods of joy.

One other dark day in Winter I had an idea. I would rip out the insides from an old but really quite good Windows XP machine, currently housed in what I call a "beige boy". I would then transplant the innards into Concept of Life!

Why? For fun.
No why really? For FUN

So that's how I created the world's least saleable item: an old but good computer dressed up in a modern but rubbish case. It works though, it works really well. You can have it for say £50, which includes the jolly cardboard box.

There was just one more treat in store. While admiring my bizarre hybrid, I read what it said on the front. Beady eyed people might be able to see in the photo but if you're not so great at seeing (like me) I transcribe it here.

Original from technology and faith for fashion

I spent ages trying to make that mean something. All night it went through my head like a mantra. It seemed to mean something and yet that meaning eluded me.

So I thought I would throw it open to my readers. Anyone getting anything?

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