Saturday, 13 October 2012

Customer of the Week: Celebration Cakes

It's almost enough to make me get married
How can I choose between my customers? They're all like children to me. But someone has to be the first Customer of the Week so why not Celebration Cakes, those purveyors of exquisitely beautiful and outrageously delicious.. errrmm... Celebration Cakes.

They started out in business about the same time I did and together we have weathered the six recessionary years, working ever harder for ever more people, emerging today not noticeably richer but very much still here.

Their customer file with makes a "whoomph" noise when I drop it on the floor. They have always entertained, puzzled and alarmed me and my team with their computer problems. The desktop that made a noise like a washing machine on spin? That was them. The largest Outlook file in the world? Uhuh - them. The narcoleptic network attached storage device. It belonged to Celebration Cakes.

Celebration Cakes is run by Robin and Catherine Scott of Caversham Park Village.

One of Robin's talents is being irascible though he can also make a decent fist of curmudgeonly.  Your first reaction to one of his rants is to stare open-mouthed. But your second reaction is to laugh. Because he is really funny. Please don't tell him I said that. It is important that he doesn't find out.

And Catherine? She's a sort of cake-designing, spreadsheet-developing over-worked angel. An angel who will never never delete a single email. Ever.

Hats off to the cakers from up the road! And thank you very much, guys xx

Robin's army training comes in handy for his rush hour computer drop.

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