Sunday, 7 October 2012

County Bingo - New County - Berkshire


At last! Berkshire!

County Bingo becomes an extreme sport when I visit Sonning to  bag my home county. I had to enter a bush very close to an endless stream of traffic and shout "Could you do me a favour?" at people on the other side of the road. Luckily some very nice people did.

The rules of County Bingo are explained here. Anyone can play. Cmon!


  1. Bollocks!!! This weekend I crossed no less than 9 counties but forgot all about your bingo game. Mind you, i was mostly on motorways....

  2. That is what makes County Bingo so hard! You have to go a back way and then pull over without causing an accident. Never mind though, there are plenty of fine counties still left in the pot.


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