Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wo! Met Office! Suddenly you're cool!

Reading, only more beautiful..
Long term followers of the blog will remember that we got obsessed with the Met Office website once before, during the snow excitement of Winter 2010.( Go red for Pete's Sake!). 

Indeed aren't all we Britishers passionate about trying to guess what the weather will do next?  Else how would we ever get our washing dry? 

I've been trying to get a decent weather forecast on my Samsung Galaxy since I got it. PC and Mac users are laughing, they can just go to The Met Office Website , type in their location and voila! The forecast has improved visually beyond measure since the dark days of Snow Fever. Whether it has improved in accuracy I cannot say. 

You can, in theory, access this same website using your Smart Phone. However the writing comes up so tiny that it is impossible to make any kind of informed choice. Stabbing at the screen makes you feel like a giant trying to do lace-making. After ten minutes of this thankless activity I moaned, maybe even keened, "They need to write an app!"

And they have! They hadn't before! And now they have!

Scene: Early 2012. A dark and cobwebby office at the Met Office headquarters. Besuited clever gentlemen doze gently round a mahogany desk. The most important looking gentleman speaks

HEAD BLOKE: I notice our daily forecasts that we type out and photocopy are less popular then they once were. Apparently people want to use advanced electrical typewriters to read forecasts. It's called the interwebpage or something - anyone heard of this?

Vigorous shaking of heads. Quietly a young member of staff raises his hand. He is nervous as he was only invited to the meeting to audit the biscuits.

JUNIOR: Sir, they are using apps. They work on modern telephones.

HEAD BLOKE: Apps eh? We certainly app-reciate your insight! (laughter) Tell me young'un, can you make one of these "apps"

JUNIOR: I think so, sir..

And he did. It is beautiful. Download it for free, today. 

(I reserve the film rights to this story)

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