Friday, 14 September 2012

Tiny Herbs (includes gardening and smashing things up)

Introducing my new Tiny herb garden. Garden design by Robin Wallis of Hortus Loci . Oh yes, only the best for me.

This garden features chives, wild rocket and black peppermint. We enjoyed eating some of the leaves in the workshop. I thought I'd better get on and plant them before they were completely denuded.

Observant fans will notice that the garden is inside an old monitor.

If, for some reason, you want to make your own obsolete monitors into plant pots here's how.

Don thick gloves. This is important. Smashed monitors have dangerous innards. Look closely at the picture and you will see a blood stain.

Lie the monitor on its' back. Drape something over the screen. You don't want shards of exploding glass in your eye, though actually they implode. Still. Drape something.
Hit it really hard. Don't tap and shriek. HIT IT!

Fish out the broken glass and interesting bits of metal. If you are lucky this part of the process will yield a shiny container to keep old letters in. Bonus!

Fill with your chosen growing medium and get a world class nursery to tell you what to plant in it. I'm hoping to get the famous garden designer and writer, my customer and fellow blogger to help me design the next monitor I smash. I refer of course to Clare Matthews.  

Clare, will you help?


  1. Keep any interesting looking metal bits and send them to Dave at HSC Hydraulics. Address obtainable from Helen.....

  2. You do the smashing, I will do the planting and I may have a creative plan for any shiny bits not interesting enough for Dave! Clare

  3. Oh brilliant - thanks Clare! I will choose you a good one.


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