Saturday, 22 September 2012

Let's be careful out there (in living virus hell)

I planned to spend this week blogging wistfully and nostalgically about two major milestones that occurred on Wednesday this week.

The first is the sixth anniversary of We limp bravely on through the recession into our seventh year, now with 6 of us on board. I laugh and shake my head indulgently at my ever diminishing bank balance. I chuckle ruefully over the mistakes I have made. I think about how Mrs Stoddart and I cried when we first made contact through Skype with her daughter in Barbados. (Just thinking about it has started me off again)..

The second anniversary is the 21st birthday of my son Sam. The adorable little (6 foot 4) blokey has just gone to live in Japan where he is seriously out-blogging his sainted mother. You can read his blog at . Please investigate this nepotic link because it is funny, interesting and amazingly well-written.

Anyhoo -
I haven't been able to do any of this aforementioned wistful and nostalgic blogging because of the stream of Reading folk queuing up on my stairs. They are clutching their computers which have been recently infested by a new wave of viruses. These viruses have many different faces, but they all come from the same problem. They are Java Exploit viruses. They are horrendously tenacious and sneaky and the only remedy is extreme. Applying this extreme remedy is keeping me up very late at nights.

I wouldn't normally presume to give you advice, but today I make an exception.

Update your Java system.


Update your Java system.

I repeat:

Update your Java system.

If you don't know how to do this - I will try and post a guide on how to do it later today. Right now I have to take the dog out while the sun shines. In the mean time - please be careful out there.

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