Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Avoid the Java exploit virus

I promised to tell you how to update the Java on your computer so that you don't catch one of the latest Java exploit viruses.

This method explains what to do on Windows computers. For my geekier friends, I'll explain why later. For now I'll just explain how. Then you can get a cup of tea and read the science if you like (haven't written it quite yet!).

Start by clicking on the Start thing in the bottom left of your screen. On older computers the Start thing will be a smart green rectangle, helpfully marked "Start". On newer computers, it is a magical looking circle. Anyway. Chances are it's in the bottom left corner.

Up pops a menu. You are trying to get to the Control Panel. It should be on the right hand side about halfway down. On really old computers you will have to click on Settings.. first. Well done for keeping the old jalopy going so long.

When you click on Control Panel you will be faced with a list of things you can Control. It could be that your journey is over now .. is there an icon marked Java in the list? Yes? Brilliant.

If you don't see the Java icon you can get to it by:
  • (XP) clicking on "Switch to Classic View"
  • or (Vista)  clicking on "Classic View"
  • or (Windows 7) clicking on "Programs"
Double-click on the Java icon.
Ta-dah! You've invoked the Java control panel.

Now all you need to do is click on where it says "Update". And then on the button that says "Update Now".

Some amount of chuntering will occur before you are asked whether it is OK to install something. On this occasion please say "Yes".

Job done. 

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