Friday, 31 August 2012

The last game of Summer

Here at itsgonefunny we are ramping up for the Autumn push after a gloriously idle August. The opening hours sign is back on the door, Aza has taken the boards away for a repaint and we are wondering where the stapler went.

I and 9.5 million UK schoolchildren are making the most of the last days of the holidays by wasting time like crazy.

That screenshot on the right represents approximately 20 hours of my life. I consider this a small investment for such an amazing score.
It's taken from a game called Triple Town. You match 3 bits of grass and you get a bush. You match 3 bushes and you get a tree. And so on. There are also bears (not pictured, I turned them into grave stones - sorry but that's  progress).

You can download Triple Town for free. It's an Android app so you need the right kind of SmartPhone or tablet to play it.

In the free version, the number of moves you can make is limited. You initially get 1000 or so free moves, which is easily enough to get you completely hooked. After that, free moves arrive but you have to wait. Every now and then you are forced to get up from your seat and attempt some of the things on your to-do list. 

Or shall I just click the "Buy Unlimited Moves" button? It would be so easy....

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  1. I was literally playing this game and like every time this game has been the most exciting one. It sure is interesting to get to know about the new version of this game through this post.


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