Thursday, 12 January 2012

News flash: Customers still make me laugh

The best thing about running a small business on a dark winter morning in the midst of economic gloom in the heart of Caversham is my customers. Somehow they are the most entertaining people in the world.

For example, I just dashed out to buy some milk (for the morning cereal rush) from Sadda over the road.

"Good morning, how are you?"
"Terrible. How are you?"
"Fighting off a broken leg, but basically OK"
(I put a 4-pinter on the counter)
"That will be £10.95 please"
(I give him a fiver)
"There's £14 exactly"
(He gives change)
"And there's your 36p change"

All of this delivered in a very dead-pan way. I can't say why this is funny but it made me chuckle all the way back to the basement.

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