Friday, 25 February 2011

Fragment of a Country and Western Song

An experiment in merging two fields: the annoying updates situation that we all endure every day with the raw and simple emotions of American C&W.

Honey - You Have Updates

I'd be at your door
But you ain't compatible no more
You fail to install
So don't want you to call
We ought to be kissing
But your drivers are missing

Honey, you have updates
You need to restart
You have 99 updates
Start downloading to your heart

(Any amendments or additions gratefully received by the author)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Well it made me laugh

This is Andy's sarcastic application for a job as a game designer. It made me laugh like a drain. I'm not sure whether it will only appeal to computer geeks... you decide.

I'd like to hand forward my application, which I will be doing through this post.

I'm 18 from the UK, and I have always loved designing and creating things. I've hoped this would lead me into the game development industry and I believe that being in this project would be extremely beneficial to me, and also to the team who will use my art. All my skills are self-taught, but I have spent years practicing and developing them.

Here are a few examples of my work:

This is a piece I worked on for the past few weeks, it took me a while but I'm finally happy with the result. Originally I intended to portray an intelligent creature with an unexpected appearance. I decided to go with something that, at first looked completely harmless, however it is an incredibly dangerous monster. The slime it leaves behind is an extremely toxic cyanide mixture that is naturally exuded from the skin. Coming into contact with it will result in almost immediate death. The mustache is a comic sign of it's intelligence which I wanted to include.

With this I wanted to create a common but fearsome enemy. It has a vivid and colourful appearance which I thought could indicate how dangerous it is, much like how poisonous toads appear. However this mammal isn't poisonous, its main attack method is to jump and land on its foe upside-down in a backflip style movement. The three spikes are razor-sharp and can penetrate any material, which makes it a perilous foe. The facial expression never changes, and gives the monster an eery shocked look which will unsettle any creature.

Here is the last piece I will show. It is a basic human sprite, with a few differences. Firstly the hair isn't hair at all, instead the character features a flaming mane that burns at approx. 500C. This could be something it could take advantage of by headbutting any enemy it faces. Because he has this unique ability I felt that the only way to include this would be to make him impervious to heat or fire. He is missing a hand, yet in the other he carries a Kukri which he weilds with an expert skill level. To nerf this I decided to give him two stubs instead of feet, so he has to hobble when he walks and running is painful for him.

I hope you'll consider my application when deciding who to bring into your team, thank you for reading.

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