Friday, 3 December 2010

Go red for Pete's sake!

Eventually we all find a website that we just can't leave alone. For many it is Facebook. This week me and Andy (my brilliant apprentice) have been mostly obsessed with the apparently stolid and dull Met Office site.

It doesn't seem fair to us that while the rest of the country sit inside skiving off work, gazing at massive picturesque snowdrifts and drinking hot chocolate, we are getting the cold without the thrills.

So we go back again and again to look at the severe weather warnings. For example:

Helen: Is is time to Met again?
Andy: No point, they won't refresh for another 10 minutes.
Helen: Now how would you even know when they refresh?
Andy: We could look at the radar pictures.... this thick bit of cloud seems to be coming our way..
(10 minutes pass)
Andy: Practically the whole country has gone orange!
Helen: Brilliant! Oh hang on, I bet it's just Widespread Icy Roads.
Andy: No, it's Heavy Snow! No hang on, that's just in Tayside.
Andy: Yes it's just Widespread Icy Roads
Helen (disappointed) Oh.

It's so cold here in Reading. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


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